About San Rocco

The story of San Rocco’s Pizza⠂Wings⠂Subs begins 40 miles southeast of Rome, Italy on the hilltop  comune of Patrica in the Province of Frosinone. This mountain village dates to the Roman age. One of it’s hilltops is mentioned in Dante’s Inferno. The area is known for it’s rustic cuisine and use of fresh ingredients.

San Rocco is the Patron Saint. He cared for and healed the sick. When he himself was taken ill he was kept alive by a stray dog who fed him bread.  He is the Patron Saint of dogs and  those wrongly accused.His Feast Day of August 16th holds the community together and brings back residents who have moved away to find work in the rest of Italy and as far away as the United States.

One of those places is Buffalo, NY- a strong Italian American community that has perfected the corner Pizzeria. Here you can get a thin crust NY Style round Pizza as well as a thick Sicilian crust baked in a sheet pan, both topped with a special Pepperoni unique to the city that cups and chars for a distinct taste you won’t find anywhere else. You will also find over a dozen hot and cold subs on toasted rolls that include old favorites as well as Buffalo classics like the Royal (Italian Sausage and Capicola) and the Buffalo Chicken Finger Sub. Of course you won’t find better wings than those from a Buffalo Pizzeria, crispy with the right amount of sauce.

San Rocco’s brings that sense of community born in Patrica and perfected in the local Pizza shops of Buffalo to Appleton. Eat In, Take Out or Delivery: everyone is welcome to join us for Lunch, after School or Dinner, with friends and  family to try our Italian specialties you won’t find anywhere else.